Summer is over

Summer is over. It wasn’t much of a summer, weather wise, but still. It is time to start a new academic year. I really look forward to it, because I am starting a new challenge at The Hague University. In stead of safely teaching at the Informatics department I am starting at the Accounting and Financial Management department at a much bigger University of applied sciences. I will be responsible to learn a new generation of soon to be economical employees to be IT-aware.

Off course it starts with basics like spreadsheets and databases, but the real goal is to achieve a group of professionals that will use IT to the maximum of it’s abilities. To be intelligent accountants and business economists empowered by the tools available by them, but not blinded by the use of figures instead of their complete skill set.

I can hardly wait, tuesday I will meet the new group of students and my new colleagues. My mind is spinning with new ideas on this challenge, as a consultant I have encountered many economical IT issues and want to implant this knowledge into my student to make them better professionals. I really have to rein in this feeling, because I have to give them the opportunity to grow and learn on their own terms with the knowledge I have to offer. Making mistakes is one of the ways.

Well, I still have sunday and monday to boil down my need to prevent my students to fall and to let them have their own experience, and I know that by tuesday I will be able to do just so, but for know I am enjoying the boiling soup of ideas in my brain. And try to write down as much of them as possible, to use them when needed in my classroom.